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Pharmacy Systems Integration – Important for Independent Pharmacy Success

With the latest news about Cardinal Health and the expanded ability to integrate its pharmaceutical distribution services with hospitals’ pharmacy technologies and processes for medication dispensing, I thought about the replication of these features for Independent Pharmacy.

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Cardinal stated that they plan to integrate its services based on each hospital’s technology preference. Customized integration depending on the specific technology being used – is powerful. They have already integrated with automated dispensing cabinets, carousels, robots, re-packaging equipment and software from pharmacy technology providers including CareFusion, Sentry Data Systems, Swisslog and Talyst.

Other technologies and the integration with pharmacy software – on a smaller scale is completely possible.

For example – Mevesi Rx is a system technology that will streamline the management, integration and dissemination of pharmaceutical information. This platform was designed to provide the same pharmacy management and automation capabilities to independent, specialty and small chain pharmacies that large retailers offer today.

Independent Pharmacy management needs to find technology that can help improve operational outcomes and increase revenue:

•Inventory consumption analytics
•Drug procurement strategies (outside the primary & secondary distribution contracts/ models)
•Time clock technologies – advanced systems to help staff work hours/ tracking
•Marketing Analytics – based on using your existing database / data to grow business
•Patient / Customer relationship management – expanding current customer attention / touch

The technologies needed to assist you to establish and or re-establish a competitive market advantage are available today. Mixing these technologies together – is important and needs to start with a goal and plan to execute.