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Pharmacy Resources

What’s Your Pharmacy Operations Data Telling You?

How many prescriptions does your pharmacy fill on average in 1-day? How many pharmacy technicians and pharmacists are on staff to process that number of prescriptions? On average – how long does it take to process 1 prescription – based on the average number of prescriptions per day? What’s the average profit per prescription? What’s the average cost to your pharmacy operations to process one prescription? The investments you make into your pharmacy business and the tools to be more efficient are crucial. Your operations core information infrastructure will provide the foundation for a dramatic improvement in the analytical data generated by your everyday prescriptions processed.

Key to accessing such data is the willingness to look beyond your operations surface data and dig down into other data-parameters.  For example – analysis of pharmacy claims activity, insight into pharmaceutical industry trends, drug level unit costs, changes in generic status, clinical studies, and new product launches all can and should be monitored, as well as tracking trend data that is pre rebate- and post rebate- adjusted.

Our pharmaceutical industry provides an extensive collection of information regarding the products they sell; however, manufacturers naturally try to position their specific product more favorably over a competing product. The research from specific outcomes reports will add a layer of transparency to manufacturer claims and enables measurement of how manufacturers’ claims hold up when considered in a broader data context.

Pharmacy operational data can provide a clear picture of utilization and cost for identified drug classes and identify potential fraud, waste and abuse for all drug classes- not just narcotics. A properly leveraged report can combine medical and pharmacy data for a higher level of analysis and fraud identification. A pharmacy manager and or director can easily analyze drug cost and use by total program, therapeutic category, drug or drug form and this same data will enables you to view trend reports by drug cost, paid amount, number of beneficiaries, number of prescriptions per utilizing beneficiary per month – whichever way best suits your needs.

For additional information on obtaining these critical reports and metrics based on your pharmacy operation’s data please make your request at the follow site dedicated to Pharmacy Data Reporting: